Take control of your skin and choose the treatment you want most. Every kit includes three Qi beauty™ clinically trialled face maps;

the Anti-Age Matrix, Lip Lift and Eye Lift.


50 treatments in every Home Kit.

Follow the Anti-Age Matrix, the best matrix to provide long term results. The Anti-Age Matrix has been clinically trialled to support underlying muscles and skin behaviour for a constellation of results that accumulate over time.


Use the Home Kit with your existing skincare products to increase dermal delivery, while energising your skin with proven, safe and health-focused technology designed to deliver results.


Enjoy a technology that works while you rest.

Qi beauty™ Technology is active for up to 14 hours after application. Made for easy use, simply cleanse, Qi and apply your skincare over the top. No mess, no restrictions.


For deeper results wear your matrix overnight while your body is programmed to rest.




Qi Beauty Kit