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World's top Depigmentation method

more than one million patients around the world have already tried it. Thousands of professionals treat skin spots with cosmelan®.

High dermal safety

strict quality standards and numerous efficacy studies prove the method's safety and tolerance.

Excellent clinical results

results that support the high effectiveness of the method in all skin spots.

High satisfaction from the patient

with visible results from the first week of treatment and in the long term.

What is cosmelan®?

cosmelan®, is the world's leading professional depigmentation method for treating the most severe and stubborn skin spots.

Excellent results in the short and long term thanks to its unique dual action mechanism: corrective and regulatory. On the one hand, it eliminates the visible spot, but also acts on the source of the problem, regulating the overproduction of pigment to prevent its reappearance.

Alicia was one of the first skin therapist who introduced Cosmelan to Newcastle back in 2018. With her understanding and own experience with Cosmelan you will be looked after with the highest care and understanding.

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