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Benefit of LED Therapy

LED phototherapy is a non invasive treatment that uses therapeutic wavelengths to energise your skin cells and trigger the skin's natural rejuvenation and repair processes.

No downtime involved.

From well being, skin rejuvenation, treating dermatitis, acne and pain relief , let's see why it's beneficial for everyone.

Near Infra-Red therapy 830nm

Our NIR has advanced regenerating power.

This wavelength is used to promote fast healing, calm the melanocytes (great for pigmentation), helps to reduce scaring post surgery. A must have if you have any sunburn, injuries or simply wanting to recover faster.

Blue light 415nm

Our blue light treats blemishes and inflamed skin .

It works by regulating and soothing the sebaceous glands to make them less active.

This wavelength has a powerful anti bacterial property to kill the p.acnes bacteria which is responsible for acne.

Our tri-waves delivery system

Our Dermalux and Lightstim are award winning LED system capable to deliver three wavelengths at the same time, you will experience this treatment with our LUX LED therapy.

Red light 633nm

Ultimate Anti-ageing treatment.

Stimulate your collagen and elastin fibre, whilst boosting your immune system and your mood.