Skin Consultation

Jeunesse Skin Health clinic offers more than just a facial but real skin solution for women, men and teenagers .
We are well known for 'fixing Skin" and being very honest with our clientele.
We also have the latest skin imaging device that enables us to increase the accuracy of your skin diagnosis and reveal your true skin age. Wait no further and make a booking to start your skin journey with us.

Skin Consultations are compulsory for new clients wanting Corrective treatments. 

Beauty Treatment

Medi Facials

Skin Corrective treatment

We usually decide on the best treatment to perform depending on your skin condition and goals.

Why? because we are the experts.

However when you just want an amazing facial pampering session with or without the need to correct any skin disorders, we are also experts in the European traditional style of facial.

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Advanced Skin Therapy

Pigmentation, rosacea, sensitised skin, loss of elastin and collagen, mild to severe acne, scarring.
We will find what works best for your skin needs.

Getting a Facial
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Skin Tightening

Radio frequency has been proven to be effective into stimulating collagen production within a series of treatments to help reduce the appearances of fine lines and loose skin.
Instant lifting effect full face lift and volume, neck and body treatment Options.


Facial Toning & Sculpting

Natural rejuvenation and face contouring realised by a deep tissue facial massage working on all your facial tensions , part of this technique includes an intra oral massage.

The Sculptural Face Lift massage has been created and is owned by Yakov Gershkovich who created this very specific protocol to provide those facial benefit below;

Facelift Effect without surgery
Rejuvenation without any injectables
Improves the quality of the skin
Release jawline tension
Lymphatic Drainage
Deep relaxation of Facial Muscles
Alicia has been training behind the scene since June 2019 to perform this very specific technique, She is one of the first certified clinic offering this technique in Newcastle .

facec massage.jpg
Closed up the skin tags on woman's skin

Clearskin Lesions Removal

Clearskin treatment also known as Lamprobe combines Radio and High frequency waves which evaporates fluid like, sebum, blood and water within second
Thanks to the ability of dissolving any lesion in only a few seconds, we can treat minor skin irregularities such as skin tags, cherry angioma, broken capillaries , Milia etc … with very little discomfort and minimal scaring


Qi Beauty Oxygen Facial

Designed for health, aesthetic and inflammatory skin needs, Qi beauty™ treatments action energetic processes above and below the surface without injury to healthy tissues. Skin appears vibrant, clear and youthful, as fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation are noticeably reduced to make a lasting impression.
During a Qi beauty treatment your skin is stimulated using a controlled Static Magnetic Field to activate energetic processes that support healthy skin function.
Qi beauty™ treatments are deeply relaxing and soothing, with no injury, pain or discomfort. Qi beauty™ Treatments are ideal for brides, special occasions, events as there is no bruising, redness, or down time.